Thank you Bill McKibben for your endorsement!

bmckibben1(1)I’m awfully glad Bill Barron is running for the House, because the idea he’s promoting–a fee-and-dividend plan to slow climate change and stop massive giveaways to the fossil fuel industry–couldn’t be more timely.”

Bill McKibben, author The End of Nature 8/13/14

Running for U.S. Congress; Riding for Climate

Bike Shot by Bekah Sosa


I am running as an unaffiliated candidate for US Congress in Utah’s second district for the same reason I ran for US Senate in 2012. I cannot stand by while a majority of our political leaders shy away from speaking up about the need to address human-caused climate change or in some cases, don’t believe it is even happening.

Like I did in 2012, I will be completing a bike campaign to reach out and connect with people. This time, it will not of the entire state, but the second District. As with my 1200-mile journey in 2012, the goal of this 600-mile bike campaign is to highlight the beauty of our state and meet people of my district. It is also a time for me to discuss the urgent need to address climate change, and to talk about a solution that has the potential to offer the most direct and transparent way to address climate change. It requires federal legislation, would help the economy and create jobs, without increasing the size of the government.

I remain focused as a single-issue candidate to provide the opportunity for citizens to make a statement of their desire for Washington to step up and take significant action.

This will be the most important bike ride of my life. Join me in the experience! Come to Tracy Aviary’s entrance plaza at 2pm Friday Septmber 5th as I embark on this exciting adventure. If you live in Salt Lake City, please join me as I leave town. After a few guest speakers, I will leave by way of Momentum Recycling (who endorsed my campaign) past Salt Air on the Great Salt Lake to arrive in Tooele that evening.

Want to help? It would be much appreciated. Here’s my schedule:

Bill Barron running for Congress; Riding for Climate ‘14

Friday 9/5-Salt Lake City to Tooele

Saturday 9/6-Tooele to Delta

Sunday 9/7-Delta to Milford

Monday 9/8- Milford to Cedar City

Tuesday 9/9-Cedar City to St. George

Wednesday 9/10 Saint George to Springdale to Kanab

Thursday 9/11 Kanab to Tropic

Friday 9/12 Tropic to Boulder

Saturday 9/13 Boulder to Capitol Reef

Saturday 9/13 Celebration of the Bike Campaign in Torrey

There is a moral responsibility for our generation to take action on climate change. I represent a voice of stewardship and conservation which must override he one of entitlement.

Jerrymandered 600 JPEGI am running for office as a father and carpenter, a concerned citizen who believes that we cannot wait for someone else to take the lead on this issue, but rather lead ourselves. We must rise up and take action for the greater good!  Together we must increase citizen engagement on this issue to effect change.


We need your help on June 23rd!

I are very excited that tomorrow night I will arrive in DC to join 600 volunteers (8 from Utah) with the Citizens Climate Lobby! Please help us on the ground in DC next week by calling your Member of Congress on Monday June 23rd and asking for action on climate:

Create a Tsunami of Political Will for Climate Solutions and Help CCL Volunteers Lobbying in Washington
What’s happening: On June 24, over 600 volunteers from Citizens’ Climate Lobby will be in Washington, DC, lobbying their members of Congress to support legislation that taxes carbon and gives the revenue back to households. These volunteers are traveling from all across the US on their own dime to make the case for what they see as the best first step to a stable climate and a livable world. As of June 5, these volunteers had already scheduled 400 meetings with congressional offices, even though many offices will not make an appointment more than 1-2 weeks in advance. Their effort will leave a mark.
How to Help: This effort will leave a bigger mark with your help. Citizens’ Climate Lobby is asking people concerned about the climate to share that concern with their members of Congress on June 23, and to express their desire for serious Congressional action on climate. We hope this will accomplish two goals:
1. Calls will send a message to members of Congress that people in their district care about the climate.
2. It will focus their attention on the issue, increasing the chances that our volunteers will be able to break through in their meetings the next day.
What to Say: The message can be short and simple. For example:
“Hi, my name is _____ and I live in ______. I’m very concerned about climate change, and I want the Congressman to consider serious legislation to fix this problem. Thank you, and have a nice day.”
That’s all you have to say. Ready to help? If you are able to take a minute to call your U.S. representative and senators on 6/23/14, you can reach them through the Capitol Hill switchboard:
(202) 224-3121
If you need to find out who your representatives and senators are, you can do that here:
If you want to make life really easy for the CCL volunteers at the conference, consider also telling your representative and senators that you agree with Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and you think Carbon Fee and Dividend is the policy you want. On June 9, CCL released a study showing that Carbon Fee and Dividend will:
Reduce CO2 emissions by 33 percent after 10 years, 52 percent after 20 years.
Create 2.1 million jobs in the first 10 years.
Add between $70 and $85 billion to annual gross domestic product (GDP) after 2020.
Save 227,000 American lives over 20 years because of reduced air pollution.
Please enroll others to make these calls on June 23 by emailing friends, tweeting and posting on Facebook.
We recommend signing up for this action on our special Congressional Climate Call-In!  Facebook page. Those who join will receive a reminder to make the calls on June 23.
You can learn more about Fee and Dividend from the frequently asked questions on CCL’s Web site. THANK YOU for making your calls on 6/23/14! Together we can save our climate for this and future generations!

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The Third National Climate Assessment

On May 6, the federal government released the Third National Climate Assessment (NCA), a comprehensive examination of peer-reviewed science on climate change impacts in the United States. The NCA echoes the findings of the latest reports from the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change, which state with high certainty that emissions from human activities are causing global climate change. The NCA reveals that climate change is already impacting Americans across the country, and its effects are predominantly negative.

10295506_848756211818703_4583267542705216073_o“For a long time we have perceived climate change as an issue that’s distant, affecting just polar bears or something that matters to our kids,” commented Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist, professor at Texas Tech University, and an author of the NCA. “This shows it’s not just in the future; it matters today. Many people are feeling the effects.”

Mandated by the Global Change Act of 1990, the report examines climate change over a long-term timescale, observing past trends, current changes, and projecting future scenarios. Thirteen federal agencies oversaw the completion of the work under the auspices of the Global Change Research Program (USGCRP). More than 240 scientists from across public, private, nonprofit and academic sectors volunteered their time as authors.

-Carol Werner, Executive Director Environmental and Energy Study Institute


Endorsement: Erin Mendenhall

“I support Bill for Congress.03ff083f9924f849eab6a0b65618ba54

As a long time friend I’ve admired his relentless work to address climate change through education, advocacy and coalition building.”

-Erin Mendenhall, Salt Lake City Council (District 5)May 1, 2014



Solar in Utah

With 222 sunny days in Salt Lake City, and 255 in St George (with the national average being 205), our district and state is a prime candidate for solar power production.   Yet, we don’t even make the list of 20 top solar cities; which includes New York (8th) and Indianapolis (7th).

A study by Environment Colorado Research and Policy Center   provides a great overview of the opportunity before us in the development of solar in Utah.

There are great benefits to solar as a job creator, a form of economic stimulus, and provides for the reduction of carbon emissions.  I believe Utah should be leading the way in the development of this renewable energy source, and encourage its growth rather than being stuck on an energy path highly dependent on the development of fossil fuels without regard for the long term costs on our environment and human health.